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Cornerstone works with two main bodies of knowledge in helping leaders grow in effectiveness.

The first is a way of determining the profile of the leader based on feedback from boss, peers and direct reports and others. This profile not only shows the competencies of the leader but also indicates why they are demonstrating any lack of critical leadership competencies. Learn more here at The Leadership Circle Assessment.

The second is the work of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey in learning how individual leaders can change ingrained ways of being. Read this article to get a flavor for the work.

We have been led to believe, as adults, that how we behave routinely defines who we are. The expression “that’s just the way I am” captures this false belief. Experience has taught most of us that changing personal ways of behaving seems hopeless. We achieve a change through will power for a short while and then seem to spring back to old habits and are stuck again.

Kegan has shown that adults can consciously develop throughout their lives by becoming conscious of the, often hidden, assumptions that drive our behaviors or our reaction to circumstances. By being conscious of how we are being in the moment allows us to hit the ‘pause button’ and choose alternate, more effective behaviors.

Cornerstone uses the insights from The Leadership Circle into what these reactive tendencies are and how they impact a leader’s effectiveness in coaching leaders to develop so that they can more effectively achieve that to which they are committed.


About The Leadership Circle


The Leadership Circle (TLC) assessment is a unique assessment of a leader which reveals not only his/her effectiveness as a leader but also what is blocking him/her being even more effective.

Arranged in the form of a circle the assessment shows very simply the relationships between behaviors and effectiveness. Coupled with coaching by Cornerstone certified executives TLC becomes a powerful and respectful way of challenging a leader to grow in the ways that will increase their effectiveness and hence results.