We | Help Solve Complex Problems

In businesses there are no shortage of Things that Go Wrong (TGW) "operationally and environmentally", a phrase coined by Michael Tatham Sr. of Canada some years ago.

A business is comprised of people, assets and processes. It is the latter that are primarily responsible for the outcomes the organization gets.

TGW that are proving difficult to resolve lead companies to try different solutions over time, often very expensive and, equally often, not effective. Frustration builds and management scratches their heads as to why these problems cannot be resolved. Meanwhile the root causes of the problem lie waiting to be discovered, for, until the root causes are discovered the problems will never be resolved with finality.

The problems themselves take many forms but they will likely fall under one of the following headings – non quality, long cycle time, slow responsiveness, excess costs, excess waste, errors and below standard service. All these TGW stem from the design and functioning of the company’s processes.

The Cornerstone Perfect Process Method™ is a disciplined approach to finding and eradicating root causes of difficult to solve problems. The solutions are always Elegant Solutions™ and are designed by employees who work in the process under investigation and who form the team that works under Cornerstone’s facilitators to resolve the mandated problem.