We | Welcome Resumes

On this page you can upload your resume which we store in our safe, off-site, database.
We welcome your resumes as this allows us to search for candidates that are a fit with the clients that we are serving.

How we work with resumes:

  1. We file your resume using keywords that relate to the position, industry, experience, qualifications and other search criteria.
  2. In the event that your resume appears to be a fit for a client, we contact you and see whether you are interested in exploring the position.
  3. If yes then we will meet with you either in person (best) or via Skype or other electronic means or telephone.
  4. If there is a good fit and your interest level is high, and with your permission, we will endorse you to the client and we will request an updated resume should that be necessary.
  5. Assuming the client is interested to meet with you we will arrange that with you.
  6. We work with you throughout the process, keeping you informed.
  7. If an offer is made by the client, we present that to you and obtain your reaction and answer any questions that you might have. If we are unable to answer your questions or you wish to make a counteroffer, we return to the client and obtain the answer or present your counter offer.
  8. At NO TIME will your resume be shared without permission from you.

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