We | Help Implement Change

At Cornerstone we guide those charged with implementation through the process designed to achieve success. While the key is continued urgency and leader commitment, there are many other aspects that need to be consciously taken into account and successfully mastered to break the 33:67 chance of success. Based largely on the work of John Kotter our method is augmented with The Cornerstone Three Arenas of Leading, Kegan’s work on personal change, and influencing and negotiating skills as required.

We also provide training that is helpful to organizations undergoing change such as:


" 33% of All Change Projects are Successful "

Success Rates for Different Types of Organizational Change
Martin E. Smith Ph.D
“Performance Improvement” Volume 41 number 1

Leading Change: John Kotter’s 8 Requirements

1Be clear on changes to be implemented.
2Pull together key people to lead the change.
3Develop roadmap work packages and resources.
4Enlist all who are important to the change.
5Make it easy for people to act. Provide support.
6Measure results, publish and celebrate.
7Put in needed infrastructure to maintain change.