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In the world of executive search we stand out because of the disciplined process that we use in every search mandate. The process was developed together with a Canadian process expert and focuses on the key value adding steps that make a difference.

Our clients do not want to receive a large volume of endorsements. They are looking for that one person who fits ALL their key requirements. To achieve this our process of determining requirements is extremely thorough and covers details, that are critical to the positional fit, that are often overlooked.

Our clients want us to work fast and thoroughly. By using laser-like focus on all the requirements we effectively and rapidly disqualify candidates that are not a good fit and recognize immediately when a suitable candidate has been identified.

Timing is important. A client is encouraged to keep the momentum going when interviewing or checking on the credentials of a candidate that is of interest to the client. We work with the candidate to keep them open. We do our best to avoid the problem of reaching an offer stage only to find that the candidate has accepted another position. We alert the client to the possibility of this happening and work with the client to keep the candidates interest until the client is ready to make an offer.

Offers are an important part of the whole process and a wrong offer or one that is badly presented can cause a candidate to walk away. We work with the client in the design of the offer and also ensure that the full benefits of the offer are well presented to the candidate. If there are requests from the candidate at this point we factually present them to the client as well as our sense of the importance of their request. This allows for wise decisions to be made during any negotiation.

Finally, as we often work to find leaders for senior positions in which the current incumbent is still in place, we keep absolute confidential the search. We only introduce the company name with permission from the client and only to candidates that have already progressed far in the process. This is especially important for C level positions and appointments to Boards and by the Board.

Each step in our unique search process is followed in every search. In this way the client’s time is not wasted and the endorsements are genuinely a fit for the clients organization, both technically and culturally.

Hard to fill positions are our speciality to which our process is well suited.


“ All leaders have reactive behavioral tendencies which can hold leaders back from achieving their visions in reality. Being aware of these tendencies in the moment and choosing more effective behaviours is what a self-authoring leader is able to do, with better achievements following. ”

- Denis H. Nixon
(Summarising Bob Andersen and Robert Kegan)