The Peak Performance Business Laboratory

This experiential workshop simulates in a non-computer based way the changing of an organization from and unprofitable, non-quality, late delivery and non-responsive organization into a Perfect Process organization.

The Laboratory is designed to prepare a team, mandated to resolve a complex business issue, for the work ahead of applying the Perfect Process System™ to find Elegant Solutions to eradicate the root causes of the problem. It is this system that is applied during the Laboratory and is responsible for the transformation of the failing organization.

Following the workshop the Leader and team are led through the full Perfect Process using coaching and support in real time. Depending on the complexity of the problem being addressed the team can take anywhere between 3 months and 6 months to present their solutions and implement the needed changes. Cornerstone can also work with the organization to plan and implement the needed changes using their methods based on the work of John Kotter and project management disciplines. Many time the company manages the implementation themselves.

" Productivity as a constant drive in an organization beats cost cutting every time. It can carry on improving year after year while costs that have been removed have way of creeping back up over a short while. "

- Denis H. Nixon