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In addition to the specific work we do with clients we also offer training in a number of areas.

All the courses we run involve action learning and adult training methods.

1High Performing Teams.
This is designed for teams that are just forming and allows them to understand how to become as rapidly as possible a high performing team. Access material here.
2Leading for Managers.
An excellent primer for supervisors and managers based on the Three Arenas of leading. Access material here.
3Implementing 5S.
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4Peak Performance Laboratory – A two-day workshop.
Used in conjunction with process redesign work to bring team working on the redesign all they need to know about the peak performance process for redesigning processes and solving complex outcome problems. Access material here.
5Project Management.
A basic project management course over two days for teams charged with project work.

Eliminating Operational Problems in Companies

In all companies things go wrong in operations from time to time. Seldom is everything perfect. Companies are a collection of processes that have developed over time. Collectively these processes cause the results that an organization achieves. This view of work leads managers to look to the processes when the results being achieved are less than optimal.

Over years of experience Cornerstone has developed a way of resolving these things that go wrong which succeeds 100% of the time. That is a big claim but provided that the Perfect Process Method is followed then this claim is valid and repeatable.

The way in which we work with companies follows this process:

  • Meet with senior management to determine the exact issues that need resolution;
  • Develop and clear mandate;
  • Select the team to work with Cornerstone. It is a fact that only those working in the processes really know what is happening. The team will bring together full understanding of the total end-to-end process which is the subject of the mandate;
  • Set up the necessary resources, accommodation and support for the team;
  • Have the team and champion and key stakeholders participate in The Peak Performance Laboratory;
  • Cornerstone coaches the team through the Perfect Process System in real time as the team works to fulfill their mandate;
  • Team presents to senior management the changes needed and seeks approval to implement;
  • Implementation team is chosen, plan is drawn up and changes made;
  • Measures to ensure that mandate fully achieved are made after implementation.

The result of this work is that those involved have learned how to resolve any issue in the company and can go on to accept further mandates for continuous improvement most times without further intervention from Cornerstone.

Some of the mandates that Cornerstone have successfully guided teams to achieve are:

  • Reduce the cycle time of mortgage approvals by 90%;
  • Reduce the cycle time of auto loan approvals by 50%;
  • Reduce the cycle time from land purchased to development sold from 5 years to 3 years;
  • Bring an insurance company from bottom rank to top rank in customer service and quality support of agents;
  • Increase the amount lent to small business by $2 billion per year without increasing the number of leaders or increasing risk;
  • Eliminate defects on vehicles for general service to zero;
  • Eliminate errors in insurance medical and dental claim payouts from 12% to 1%;
  • Reduce number of incomplete/incorrectly completed credit card applications received through branches by 95% Increase sales productivity for cross selling in major Canadian bank.;

The Peak Performance Business Laboratory

Click the icon to learn more about the two-day workshop.